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About Invisible Braces/ Invisalign:

The most advanced in the field of orthodontics, which are the most comfortable and easy to use braces, being most patient friendly. They are individual removable aligners, made to bring out tooth movement following the treatment simulation which will be shown stepwise to the patient as a 3-dimensional video, helping the patient in understanding the treatment better. Gone are the days of relying only on metal and ceramic braces with wires showing every time you smile. Say hello to Invisalign, which is the best innovations in the field of orthodontics in providing patients with the best set of straightened teeth in the form of clear aligners. No more wires and braces, this is clear and invisible.

Invisible braces or Invisalign is a completely digitized system, right from your scan to your delivery of aligners. The first visit is about a consultation with your orthodontist who will assess your smile and the complexity of the case and will give you an idea of the number of aligners that would be required to correct your smile for stable results. After that a scan slot is booked, where the Invisalign team comes and take the scan of your teeth, which means no old school impressions anymore, once the scan is done you will also get to see a simulation of the final result at the time of the scan to give an idea about your smile makeover. Then the treatment plan is formulated by your orthodontist, where a video animation of a step-wise aligner change can be seen and the number of aligners. Once the outcome is finalized, it is sent over to the patient for approval, once they approve the aligners are then shipped from the USA, to Bangalore. Then the next visit will be the aligner delivery. And instructions. Each aligner has to be worn for a duration of 20-hours a day and for 14 days (recommended). It should be removed only during eating and brushing. For cooperative patients even a 10 day aligner change can be conducted. Invisible braces are twice faster than your routine braces. Meaning a case which might take 3 years with braces will take about 1.5 years with Invisalign. The aligners are patient friendly as there are no possible allergic reactions and extremely flexible with excellent shape memory. Visit us to get your smile correction.

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Why Invisible Braces Cost in Bangalore is high?

The premium material and the advances in technology make them comparatively higher than the routine braces, but it’s an investment on your dental health so it shouldn’t stop you from getting one. Contact us to get
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Invisible Braces or your aligners are to be change every 12-14 days Onto the next aligner. For example a case of 26 aligners, will need a duration of 1.1 year if changed every 14 days that is two aligners a month. Or 9 months if changed every 10 days.

it is in reality equal or better than your traditional braces, as the force levels are pre-determined and also under complete control to move teeth, also it works twice faster. So a case which takes 2 years with traditional braces will take a year with invisible braces.

First week is what we call the adjustment week, you get adjusted to something new in your mouth and you will experience slight pain, which is good for the treatment which means the teeth are moving to the desired position.

it can only better your teeth, never ruin it.

Yes you can kiss with invisible braces. You can always choose to remove it when you want to get intimate.

No, As invisible braces are removable, you can remove it while brushing which means less risk of cavities compared to normal braces.

usually it’s adviced to remove your aligner during eating/drinking. But you can drink with it if you’re not worried about staining your aligner.

No it can’t. Invisalign moves teeth never removes.

Mouth Wash is to be used after removing your aligners. As the main purpose is to kill the bacteria on your teeth.

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Metal braces

These are appliances that have as the name suggests, a metallic look comprising of metal brackets and wires and coloured elastics to bring about the desired tooth movement and enhance the smile.

Ceramic braces

These are similar to the metal braces, except that these are for aesthetics. They are tooth coloured braces, making it camouflage with the tooth.

Orthodontics for jaw correction

When the problem lies in the underlying jaw and not only the teeth it needs correction using functional appliances for growing kids and by means of surgery for adult patients.