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The last resort to prevent further discomfort to the patient is the extraction of the tooth which cannot be saved

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental trauma

Dental Oral surgery can be a simple extraction from which patients recover within a few hours but have to take the prescribed medications. It can be impaction where patients are sent home right after extraction, but takes about 5-7 days to recover completely under medications and proper care. Certain oral surgeries like oral cancer, other orthognathic surgery would take about a few weeks to recover completely under special care.

After extraction or impaction, patients are recommended to keep the cotton placed in their mouth for 30 min and later to be removed with clean hands. Patients are advised not to spit out ay blood or saliva post extraction. Patients are to take the prescribed medications for the given time. Patients should avoid drinking with straws. Avoid hot and spicy food for a day or two. Patients are advised to have something cold (ice cream or juice) post-surgery. Patients should avoid touching the wound with hands and tongue. In case of excessive bleeding should be informed to the surgeon immediately.

Oral surgeries can be both major as well as minor. Major surgeries include those surgeries performed under GA like surgery for oral cancer, reconstructive surgery, orthognathic surgery, surgeries for fracture of the jaw, nasal bone or TMJ. These surgeries require the patient to be admitted to the hospital and require extensive care and regular follow up after the surgery.

Oral surgeries usually heal faster compared to other surgeries. Patients are advised to follow the instructions given to them by the surgeon properly, which would help it to heal faster. It could be between 2-7 days depending the type of oral surgery that the patient underwent

Yes, one can go to work after a minor oral surgery that does not require any hospital admission and is performed under LA. But a minimum of 24 hours of rest is advisable. Patients are to follow proper instructions given to them. Patients would be advised not to drive after the procedure.

Stitches are of two types, dissolvable and non-dissolvable. Dissolvable stitches usually dissolve within 5-7 days. Non dissolvable ones are to be removed by the surgeon 7 days after the surgery has been done. If the stitches come off early it is normal, but in case it starts bleedings patient is advised to meet the dentist, this could be due to incomplete healing of the wound.