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About Smile Makeover Treatment / Smile Design

Enhance your smile with a set of veneers and laminates according to your needs in that shining white shade you need. Smile design evaluates the golden proportions of your face and smile line and helps you to understand the smile that is best for you.

Dental veneers, also called dental veneers, are finely crafted thin shell of dental ceramics measuring from 0.3mm to 1.0mm in thickness. They are designed to cover the frontal or facial surface of the teeth. Through precise bonding process, the veneers are securely glued to the teeth, covering the broken or discoloured surface of the teeth and replacing them with a smoother, shinier, and more natural look.

Smile Makeover Treatment Faq’s

maintaining a smile makeover is by following all the instructions set by the dentist following the treatment, so as to make the results stable.

Smile Makeover is of two types, one is via braces and other is through veneers. Braces will cause slight discomfort due to the tooth movement, veneers do not cause any pain, but is more invasive as we will be doing a preparation(trimming) of the tooth.

No, dental insurance does not cover any cosmetic treatment.

Yes, digital smile design helps in visualizing the possible outcome of the treatment.

Braces usually takes 6 months to 2 years depending on the severity of the case. Veneers takes about 10 days to finish

smile makeover includes all the treatment to improve your smile, be of teeth whitening, veneers, braces, lip lengthening.

Commonly done procedures include teeth whitening, braces or veneers according to the case.

Teens are encouraged to get braces rather than veneers as we can utilize their growth period to bring about more changes compared to an adult.


About Teeth Whitening

Get rid of those tea/coffee stains by getting a in office bleaching done for your teeth and get them back to their shiny best.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

It’s a 30 minute procedure, where a bleach kit is used to apply the bleach onto the tooth/teeth to be whitened and the bleaching is completed.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Faq’s

Damaged teeth due to trauma or a fall, often gets discoloured over time to a pinkish or a brownish colour. This is due to the changes of the internal structures of the tooth namely the pulp, which ultimately dies. The colour can be regained by doing a root canal therapy to get rid of the dead pulp and placing a crown to give a natural look to the tooth.

Teeth whitening is safe, the only post whitening effect will be sensitivity of the teeth which will be there for a period of 2-3 days but by following the post op instructions, sensitivity can be reduced with the help of anti sensitivity pastes/gel

You don’t have to prepare anything, it will be taken care by the doctor. A round of scaling/cleaning will be done to remove all the debris and calculus on the teeth, if any cavities which are present have to be filled to avoid irritation by the bleaching agent and you’re ready to get your teeth whitenend.

Teeth whitening requires you to maintain a diet which prevents the whitened teeth from discolouring back again. The diet basically means that anything that can stain a white shirt should be avoided, like colured drinks, tea/coffee, colored food products. For a efficient result proper diet control will give a white teeth for a duration of 3-5months.

Yes, yellow teeth can become white by teeth whitening. Based on the colour the number of sittings is decided, the more yellow the more sittings. Usually it takes single sitting for a mild case, but sometimes 2 sittings will be required for better results.

You cannot have anything that can stain a white shirt. So avoid tea/coffee, coloured food products, especially turmeric related foods as teeth tend to go back to its original colour.

Banana peel has high levels of potassium magnesium and manganese in bananads that can help remove stains from teeth by rubbing a ripe banana using the inside of the peel for about 2 minutes, after 3 weeks you willsee the results. Peel acts a s gentle exfoliator and will remove surface stains, but will not reach the inside pores on the surface of your enamel so no true deep cleaning will take place.

Celebrities get what is known as dental veneers which are wafer thin materials placed over the tooth by doing a minimal preparation or trimming of the teeth surface. Veneers do not stain due to the material lithium disilicate which makes the teeth look white always.

Teeth whitening trays or in home bleaching usually are to be kept for a period of 2-4 minutes based on the brand.

Teeth Whitening lasts for a period of 3-5 months if maintained well. Some cases even up-to 7 months of white teeth have been seen.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery includes routine tooth removal, third molar extraction, jaw correction in case of any jaw discrepancy to improve aesthetics and functioning of teeth and increase over all appeal. It also includes minor procedures like lip lengthening and gummy smile correction.

Gum Disease Treatment

It is a progressive disease that requires minimal remedy like scaling (cleaning) or deep root cleaning. In worse cases gum surgeries are performed in order to save the tooth. Ideal cleaning should be done once every 6 months to prevent the accumulation of dental plaque from causing non reversible damages to the gum and the supporting bone.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction treatment need to be done if you have tooth infection or germs, crowding, and extreme tooth decay. If you find one of these symptoms you should consult a dentist