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Yes, it’s always better to arrive 5 mins early to your appointment. Never late as it would disrupt the schedule for the next patient.

First visit you don’t need to carry anything as such, unless it’s an emergency case. In that case any medical history report would be needed. In a routine appointment the check up will be done, and if any further treatment which requires consent or medical reports it will be needed for the following appointment.

Imagine a life without teeth, it will hamper your look, functionality of eating, talking. It’s essential to visit a dentist every 6 months for a check up, as it is the usual time frame for any developments of infection or deposits on your teeth. Also it’s important to know, examining your mouth can also give you a diagnosis of any pre cancerous conditions that you might be developing.

Brush floss and rinse twice a day. Avoid too much of sweets and chocolate and visit your dentist every 6 months.

Hygiene, you don’t want an instrument which isn’t sterilized going into your mouth. Experience and knowledge and skill set of the dentist in assessing your teeth. Most of all you need a dentist who can give you a calm feeling as many fear dental visits.

Your dentist will be cleaning your teeth of any deposits and filling any cavities that develop over time which if treated at the earliest will lead to both saving the tooth and better results and lesser expense.

when you feel your teeth are discoloured, you have any pain/discomfort, or when you have cavities or if it’s been 6months since you visited your dentist.

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