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House Of Dentistry was founded by Dr. Jinesh Babu R. and Dr. Sushritha Sricharan with the aim to set up a dental practice to meet all the dental needs of a patient. Located in Sadhashiv Nagar, Bangalore, it is an Orthodontic and multi-speciality dental care centre, which believes in quality first with no compromises. We offer a wide scope of treatments for all age groups.nutrition, genetic & postural habits, emotional connections and patterns that are held in your muscles

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Why House of Dentistry is the Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore?

At House of Dentistry, we believe in providing our patients with treatments which includes their involvement at all times. Our patients are the stars where we have set a standard, in providing a dental care with a feeling of being at home, hence the name House of Dentistry. We realize every patient is a unique individual and this helps us analyse over our years of training and experience about the importance of using the knowledge acquired in order to provide the best treatment possible for that patient.

We always try to understand the patient’s problems, so that we can find the solution in the best of the ways achievable and help the patient become stress free of this ever-troublesome problem. Our dental team are well-trained, highly experienced, and skilful and utilize this set of traits to bring the best out of them to provide our patients with a comfortable and secure environment. We also believe in regular training sessions of our doctors, in order to reinforce the concept of a patient friendly approach.

Our dental clinic is equipped with modern tools and the recent state of the art technology to provide accurate diagnosis to our patients. In addition to this, we believe in a sterile environment and focus on infection control, by investing on the modern advancements of sterilization techniques according to the OSHA standards (USA) of infection. We provide an atmosphere which is welcoming right from the moment you make that phone call, to your first entry to the clinic. Our team is well trained in providing a pleasant hospitality, so that all your queries are answered.

Our team follows the principle of quality first, with no compromises. When a patient trusts us to sort their dental issue, we take it upon ourselves to make sure we provide that quality of treatment, no matter the cost. Hence it is Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Need another reason? Just book an appointment with us and   experience House of Dentistry yourself.

Our Services

General Check Up

Just like your routine medical checkup, it is essential to get your Dental Check up every 6 months. we can help you with precise dental examination services in finding any onset of infections that can be treated before it gets worse.

Orthodontic Care

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect set of teeth that are well aligned and straight, that’s why we Orthodontists can always help you get that perfect set of Teeth.


When we fail to take care of our teeth after that extra chocolate or sweet, we might land up in the trouble of getting a cavity or in worse cases land us in severe tooth pain. We help in restoring the tooth with dental fillings.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For those who don’t have the patience to wear the braces, there’s an immediate solution for that shiny and beautiful set of teeth,in the shade you want.

Dental implants and prosthetics

Stressed about what to do with your missing tooth? Worry not, because we can fix that up too.


The last resort of providing relief to any patient, is the removal of that troublesome tooth. Extractions can be done for many reasons, though mainly when the tooth cannot be saved by any other means.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jinesh Babu R

Dr. Jinesh completed his BDS from The Oxford Dental College and did his MDS from Rajarajeswari Dental College, Bangalore...

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Dr. Sushritha Sricharan

Dr. Sushritha Sricharan has completed her BDS from the Oxford Dental College & Hospital and did her Internship from...

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Dr. Sajan Shetty

Dr. Sajan Shetty, completed his BDS from Government Dental College, Bangalore under Rajiv Gandhi University, India in 2012. He then completed his Post-...

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Dr. Faizuddin Imran

Dr. Faizuddin is an accomplished and devoted Periodontist with more than 13 years of proficiency in diagnosing and treating periodontal...

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Dr. Sibikar P

Dr. Sibikar is a Pedodontist who has been practising as a Consultant in Bangalore and Salem. He completed his BDS...

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Dr. Ahmed Elham Haque

He has completed his under graduation from the GDCRI, Bangalore and his post-graduation from MS RAMAIAH FACULTY OF DENTAL SCIENCES, Bangalore, after which...

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Dr. Arvind Raghunath

Dr. Arvind Raghunath completed his BDS from Rajarajeswari Dental College and Hospital. He also completed his Post-Graduation in the Department of...

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Dr. Karen C. Stellus

Dr. Karen is a Dental Resident who graduated from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore. She specialises in providing various dental procedures like Dental Fillings, Teeth Cleaning and other

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We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

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Smile Makeover Treatment

A simple technique to achieve great Smile.  For Smile Makeover treatment in Bangalore then House of Dentistry is the Best Choice

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is the process to save natural the tooth by eliminating bacteria from an infected tooth. In this process Infected pulp is removed and the teeth are carefully cleaned

Teeth Whitening Treatment

This treatment is also done to achive a great smile. In Teeth Whitening Treatment doctors remove stains and lightens your teeth